How Can I Help?

Most people don't follow the day-to-day actions of the legislature.  Why should you?  You have more important things to do.  That is exactly what the wind and solar companies are counting on.  There are a few simple things you can do, though, to keep this bill from becoming law:

1.  Let both your state representative and state senator know you are opposed to HB 1381

  • To see who represents you in the general assembly, visit this site.
  • Call the numbers provided and ask for the legislator's office.  The House Republican switchboard is (800) 382-9841, the House Democrat switchboard is (800) 382-9842, and the switchboard for all senators is (800)-382-9467.
  • Be polite and simply ask that the legislator vote against HB 1381.
  • If you would rather send an e-mail, find their contact info here.

2.  Let the governor know you are opposed to HB 1381

  • In the event the bill passes both the House and the Senate, Gov. Holcomb could prevent it from becoming law by vetoing it.
  • Visit this page to send him an e-mail message.
  • Under "E-mail Topic," scroll down and select House of Representatives (or Other, it doesn't matter).
  • Enter your contact information and explain in your own words why you think HB 1381 is a bad idea.  Ask him to please veto the bill if it passes both the House and Senate.

3.  Spread the word

  • Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about this bill.  Encourage them to visit this blog and contact their legislators as well.
  • Post this blog on social media and express why you believe HB 1381 is a bad idea.
4.  Notify your local officials
  • Reach out to your local government officials, ideally the county commissioners, and make them aware the state is attempting to take this important decision away from them.
  • Encourage them to contact the representative and senator from your area.  They may have more sway as they likely know each other.
5.  Keep in touch

  • We're not a big company with lots of money to spend on a fancy website or marketing software.  We're just a few regular folk like you trying to preserve our quality of life.
  • If you send us a message to, we'll keep you informed of the bill's progress.
  • After contacting your legislators, did you get any idea whether they were leaning in favor or against the bill?  If so, please pass that along.
  • Let us know if you are willing to devote even more time to this effort, by contacting your local media or actually testifying against the bill, etc.
  • We promise we won't sell or even share your e-mail address with anyone else.  (If you'd rather just check back here periodically, that's cool, too.)
Time is of the essence.  We must act quickly!!