Legislator Directory

Legislators are not royalty.  They have jobs and families just like all of us.  They may not realize why this bill is a bad idea.  There's no need to be confrontational or angry when you contact them.  Just respectfully ask that they vote against House Bill 1381.  Add whatever words you want to express that you don't want wind or solar farms in your community and you don't want the state to take away the authority of local officials to prevent them.

Please contact the legislators for your area. If you're not sure who that is, click here.  Below the Republican representatives are shown in red, Democrats in blue.

Senators / switchboard for all senators is (800) 382-9467

Representatives / Republican switchboard is (800) 382-9841, Democrat switchboard is (800) 382-9842

  • You can send an e-mail message to Gov. Eric Holcomb asking him to veto HB 1381 in case it passes both the House and the Senate by visiting his website.